Friday, January 11, 2019

Mini-Bushbuddy Coffee...With thanks to BUSHCRAFT MY WAY Channel

Sometime back, I came across an excellent tutorial video entitled "Bushcraft tips & tricks: The modified tea-light candle (the mini-bushbuddy )... my way!" [link below].

The video was produced and shared my a bushcrafter in Romania, and details how to make an excellent tool for heating a cup of water using only a common tea-light candle.

We've been having quite a bit of rain here on the central California coast, so last night I crafted a few of these.

I decided to make a cup of coffee this morning, so I used one to heat water in my canteen cup, using the DOLLAR TREE paper clip cup as my cup-stand.

The results were outstanding. I achieved a rolling boil on over 1 cup of water in just under 6 minutes. Of course, it was assisted by a wind-sheltered location and the burner was placed very close to the bottom of the cup so heat transfer was very good.

Regardless, I think this is an excellent and low-cost means to boiling water or heating a soup or any cup-based meal or beverage on the trail. 

The mini-bushbuddy is really easy to craft and all that is required is your time, some corrugated cardboard, and inexpensive tea candles. In this case, I used DOLLAR TREE tea candles. 

If you are interested, here is the link to the BUSHCRAFTMY WAY instructional video I mentioned  "Bushcraft tips & tricks: The modified tea-light candle (the mini-bushbuddy )... my way!" 

Happy Hiking!

[Bushcraft Woods Devil]