Saturday, June 19, 2021

ESEE "Zancudo" pocket knife; an excellent EDC folder choice

Just a quick review of the RANDALLS ADVENTURE/ESEE KNIVES "Zancudo" pocket knife.

This is a very light pocket knife [about 3.3 oz] with 3" Drop-point blade, 4" closed, and O/A length of 7". They are available in both AUS-8 and D2 steel and a variety of handle scale color a manually-opened [thumb stud] liner lock knife. The pocket clip can be reversed for tip-up or tip-down carry, but is only set up for right hand carry. The pocket clip side is bare steel, opposite side has a colored G-10 scale:

The spine measures 3/32" thick, and the edge is very fine. It is razor sharp and only the second knife I have that came "hair popping sharp [COLD STEEL Voyager being the other]. I personally regard this as a cutting tool only and I would be very concerned about chipping the edge were I to try to say, pry or pop chips from a Try Stick or similar wood carving project. I think it would be fine in camp for cutting-only tasks.

Better still, I see this as an excellent choice for an urban EDC carry pocket folder. The 3" blade [2.75" actual cutting edge] makes it lawful for carry in many jurisdictions, 3" seeming to be a standard for maximum permitted blade length [of course check your own state/local ordinances before carry].


Goblin Ranger
[Bushcraft Woods Devil]