Friday, December 14, 2018

Sheffield 12-in-1 Hatchet Multi Tool...what can it do?

I was shopping at Walmart and picked up this 12-in-1 Hatchet Multi-Tool for 10 bucks. Probably 440a stainless steel. Takes a good edge. Batoned with it for about an hour on some hardwood and it retained a edge surprisingly well.

Overall length is about 6.5". It has a tiny 1-3/4" hatchet edge and a hammer poll. A pair of hex nut wrenches are cut out of the head. Has a 2.5" spear point blade, a combo fish scaler/hook remover/ruler/screwdriver tip/file, a small wood saw blade [no offset teeth...will bind in the kerf], and a Phillips head screwdriver.   It includes a flimsy nylon belt/storage pouch and a rubber blade guard [easily lost].
Anyway, let's take a look at what it can do...

I had a lot of fun playing with this, though I don't think it will last for the long haul. I am always interested in how cheap bits of kit perform....those little things unsuspecting and well-meaning family members gift to the outdoors folks in their families.

Okay, so what can it do? Actually, Axe and saw blade are useful and can process small kindling/cut small diameter standing dead wood and saplings. Knife blade could process food, cut cordage, dig a splinter. Proximity of hand to hammer poll too close to safely to pound a stake IMHO. The other tools? Meh, who knows? Perhaps one of you will pick one up and cover those in another video!

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