Sunday, March 27, 2016

Okay, who else keeps one of these in their wallet or a kit? Have you practiced with it? Be honest!  We've all seen them...those little credit card-sized plates of steel with a cutting edge, a cap lifter, can opener, saw, and other tools built into them. But are they any good? In this video, I'll use one to demonstrate making wood shavings & feather sticks, and then make fire using one.

They wouldn't be my first choice for a cutting tool, but in an emergency or in a non-permissive environment, having one inside your wallet might prove very helpful. There are many models out there, some more expensive than others. The TOOLOGIC is a variant that has a plastic case-boy with whistle, compass, etc. and a steel knife that sheathes into the card. It's very nice and can be purchased for around 20 dollars.

Happy hiking!

[Goblin Ranger]

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  1. How to use the magnetic compass

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